Hospitality industry 

A new menu, special offers or a cozy event on the calendar? Communicate it using the options Instore Broadcast Narrowcasting has to offer the hospitality industry. Keep your customers informed with the latest news, show beautiful scenery or a tasty menu.

There are plenty options useing Digital Signage in the hospitality industry. For example if you have seperate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, showing it at the right time to you customers is easy to setup. Or maybe you want to combine mood imagery with current news? All with just a few clicks in our user friendly online digital signage software.

Options for hospitality industry

  • Menu of the day
  • Specialties
  • Events and/or calendar
  • Mood imagery
  • News, weather and traffic
  • Broadcast content based on target audience for a specifc time of day, day of the week, etc.